About Us

This team of two may be a pair of workaholics, insomaniacs, dreamers, misfits, but what you can be sure of They are some immensely skilled florists and planners whom you will love to befriend.

Behind the entrepreneurial front of a seemingly uninhibited life, our business is about:

Working in 36 degrees heatwave or in the wee hours and everything in between. Cuts, bruises, warts and heavy loads. Getting a ride on cranes, ladders and scaffolds. Having a chance to breathe, touch and assemble the matter which we love - flowers! Conjuring magic for any event or occassion which we are so (and always will be) grateful to have a stake in.

Being a vendor of surprises, joy and anything pretty. Lastly, and particularly, it is baking our passion with tough grind to fulfil an idea called 'Our dream'.

You should have gotten an idea of what we do by now. If we can be part of your plans in offering our assistance with regards to our favorite subject of flowers, we will be pleased to hear from you.

The Team

Faith C.

Resident Florist / Miss Goody Two Shoes / Laughing Gas Supplier / Sports Junkie / Crafty Pants

Alexis F.

Organised - Chaos Manager / Excel Ninja / The Strange one / Saikang Warrior / Caffine Addict